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Capcom doesn’t deserve Megaman… 

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Mega Man X Mavericks


Mega Man X Mavericks

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Mega Man Tribute by Glauber Tanaka

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Game: Mega Man x
Track: Spark Mandrill Theme

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Mega Man X3, SNES.


Mega Man X3, SNES.

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Maverick Hunter: The Mega Man first-person shooter that could have been

In 2010, Capcom tapped the talent behind Metroid Prime to bring Mega Man into the modern age — only to have the game suffer the fate of similar recent attempts to find a new audience for the 8-bit hero.

Codenamed Maverick Hunter, the first-person shooter had the blessing of Mega Man’s creator and a talented team tasked with attracting a new generation of fans. But the departure of Keiji Inafune likely killed the most interesting take on the 25-year-old character to date.

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